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Automated Powder Coating Line Services Provide Superior Protection for Your Products

Metal parts hang on a powder coating conveyor line.

Metal parts hang on a powder coating conveyor line.If you are a metal parts manufacturer and are worried about corrosion and a rough appearance, powder coating is the answer to your concerns! When you want to powder coat large batches of metal parts, you must know that your coating partner can keep up. Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing can help ensure your metal parts stand out and resist corrosion as quickly as you can make them.

Our state-of-the-art powder coating conveyor line can handle all your commercial powder coating needs, from small brackets and parts to stamped-metal seating frames, agricultural components, farm equipment, and much more! We are a Pennsylvania-based business that has provided manufacturers and professionals throughout the Northeast US with the best powder coating services!

Powder Coating Solutions for NJ, DE, MD, and Southeastern PA Businesses

If your company has ever been plagued by metal parts that easily rust or the high cost of traditional painting methods, you’re not alone! In fact, more businesses are turning to powder coating for their metal parts because of its high efficiency, long-lasting qualities, and highly durable finish. This process can be beneficial for large-scale powder coating orders, primarily when utilized as part of a production line. Our fast and flexible facility has served the New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania areas for decades.

We understand how expensive product redesigns can be and how frustrating it is to have machines break down because of rust. Saving time and money isn’t a simple matter. It takes a lot of work to provide your products with extra lifetime without bloating the budget. That’s why, for over 30 years, our team at PCTM has been running metal parts through our powder coating line to create a protective finish that resists rust, improves strength, and looks attractive. Working with nearby businesses reduces overhead and builds a community among small and mid-sized businesses. This network provides us all with better capabilities and outcomes for our customers, companies, and employees.

Our experienced staff manually sprays each piece that runs through our conveyor line to ensure high-quality powder coating finishes. We can handle commercial powder coating jobs from a single piece to a complete production run involving thousands of parts. We offer custom powder coating services, so reach out to our experienced staff and see how we can help with your next powder coating project today!

What Is an Automated Powder Coating Line?

Our high-quality powder coatings can be applied easily, which allows us to build an automated system to apply them for fast and consistent applications. After preparation, an automated powder coating line uses a conveyor system to move parts into a powder coating unit. The surface area is then manually powder coated by an expert team of technicians at PCTM to ensure even and complete powder coating. This process provides us with consistent tracking and organization of large-scale orders to avoid error and ensure quality-control measures to give you the best powder coating results.

Metal parts that come through our powder coating line go through a five-stage process to protect the metal finishing of your products, tools, or other metal fabrications. This powder coating system ensures a durable, bonded finish on your powder-coating product that withstands the test of time.

1. Remove Scale

Our powder coating process starts with a surface treatment that removes scale from laser cutting. These minor surface defects can interfere with the bonding process or result in wrinkles and coat failures.

2. Apply Coating

We then apply an iron phosphate conversion coating to create a foundational layer. This step, alongside the scale removal, ensures optimal surfaces for the powder to cling to before curing.

3. Add Sealant

Our team then applies a sealant that prevents rust and stabilizes the surface. Every piece of metal that we apply the powder coating to will receive the highest level of care and consideration.

4. Powder Coat

Next is the actual powder coat, which we manually apply to ensure complete coverage. The powder spray provides an even and consistent layer of coating, avoiding weak-spots and problem areas.

5. Oven Cure

Finally, products go into our curing ovens to complete the finishing process. Once baked on, the powder coating is a defensive layer against corrosion, wear, UV light, and other damages!

What Are the Advantages of Automatic Powder Coating?

Utilizing an automatic powder coating line for your metal parts comes with many advantages. When you trust an experienced powder coating professional like PCTM, you will ensure that your metal parts get the best powder coating solution as quickly as possible. Some of the other advantages of powder coating your products via an automated service include:

It’s worth noting that automation isn’t perfect for every job. Parts that have high geometric complexity typically benefit from a manual coating that can ensure an even coat. Specific processes and coating types, such as plastisol dip, aren’t suited for this automated powder coating line. However, dozens of methods and coating types can be done via a well-structured conveyor line. Call us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect match of process and coat for your needs.

Why Use PCTM’s Automated Powder Coating Line?

Whether you need to powder coat a single item or powder coat thousands of pieces, PCTM’s automated powder coating line is the ideal solution for you! Not only do we care about you and your business, but we have the high-tech equipment necessary to make the process simple and easy! We want to make sure you have every benefit we have to offer, including:

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Saving Time & Money

Our integrated conveyor line allows us to hang parts on the racks at one station and unload them at the end of our powder coating line. Unlike batch-style powder coating, our lines require far less handling, which means less labor and lower cost for you.

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Perfect Results Every Time

Our unique five-stage pre-treatment process, state-of-the-art powder coating equipment, and experienced staff put us lightyears ahead of the competition. We ensure a superior powder coating finish for each piece that passes through the conveyor line.

The Human Element

Having the best equipment means nothing if you don’t have the right people operating it. The experienced staff at PCTM handles our high-tech conveyor line to ensure quality powder coating finishes every time.

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Local Service

We provide conveyor line powder-coated products and services at our state-of-the-art facility in Denver, PA. Our location means we can efficiently serve customers throughout New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Enjoy the Best Results via PCTM’s Automatic Powder Coating Line

When you know your metal parts will be put through high-stress environments, see use day in and day out, or you just want to make a branded line of tools, we have the answer to your needs. With an automatic powder coating line at your beck and call, you can be confident that your needs will be met faster than ever before.

Don’t hesitate to see the results of a superior collaboration. Contact Precision Coating today for quality powder coating service for your tools and equipment.

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