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Fluid Bed Coating for Superior Wear & Durability

product being dipped into our fluid bed dip

Conventional industrial powder coating spray isn’t always the best choice for some of the more intricate applications. In those cases, our fluid bed coating dip process may be a better option. The fluid bed coating provides a thicker, heavier coating that covers surface blemishes and the added coating thickness adds superior weather and wear resistance as well as having the ability to add color to the finish.

Our fluidized bed coating process uses finely ground powder particles in a bed that has a porous plate at the bottom that allows air to pass through and thus suspends the powder particles in a fluid-like state. The fluid bed coating takes place by dipping the heated part into the powder bath as the melted powder particles form a fused film on the part.

Fluid Bed Dip Advantages:

In addition to industrial powder coating, our fluid bed coating dip process can also be used for nylon and vinyl coatings such as those commonly used in high wear applications including pulleys, transmission splines, dishwasher racks, outdoor furniture, and utility truck racks, as well as electrical insulation for hospital instruments.

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