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Powder Coating Services that Solve Your Production Challenges

"A craftsman is only as good as his tools" doesn't mean you must get new equipment every year. It means you take the time and effort, like powder coating them, to care for your tools to get the most out of them. Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing Inc. has provided powder coating services to artisans and industrial operations for over 30 years.

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Industrial Coating Services That Solve Your Production Challenges

Do you want to save money on expensive repairs, replacements, and maintenance? Are you looking for industrial powder coating services to apply specialty coatings for medical equipment, food-grade materials, electrical conductors, tools, or military applications? You’ve come to the right place.

Here at Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing (PCTM), you can receive the best industrial powder coating and specialty coating services for a wide range of industries:

Our high-end, quality coatings are guaranteed to offer a one-of-a-kind engineering solution that you won’t be disappointed with. You can expect numerous benefits from Precision Coating’s industrial coating services, ranging from enhanced equipment longevity and insulation to anti-bacterial properties.

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Our Powder Coating Services

With PCTM’s powder coating services, the key is variety. Your specific needs can’t be met by just any protective coating. Our specialty industrial coatings are effective on various types of substrates, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. Coating services must be done with careful consideration of the material type and the use that it will see. These powder formulas are even able to cover a wide variety of coating applications, from medical instrumentation to food-grade appliances, water systems, marine environments, and much more.

When you work with us, you receive a tailored protective coating that is cost-effective. Not only are you getting a superior product, but you’re also investing in the longevity of your equipment. Our coatings are long-lasting, efficient, and require very little maintenance to keep your products looking brand new and performing at their best for years to come.

Contact us with the details of your unique project, and let us recommend the perfect industrial coating and process for your application. Each coating provides unique benefits. If you’d like to learn more about the types of industrial coatings in PA that we offer, keep reading!

Fluid Bed Coating

When spray-on industrial powder coating can’t apply the even coat you need on a more intricate object, fluid bed coat dipping may be a better option. By forcing air through a pool of powder, the powder behaves like a liquid for a total envelopment of your equipment. With a thicker, heavier coating application, this method will help cover surface blemishes and add an extra layer of weather and wear resistance.

Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating

Do you need a powder coating system that is applied fast and consistently enough for a bulk order? Using an electric charge on both the part and the powder coating, our electrostatic spray coating method offers the versatility you need in both terms of material selection and part geometry. Our powder coating line system allows us to coat large volumes of items for bulk orders, moving pieces at a smooth rate for even and efficient industrial coating services.

PTFE Coating

When you’re looking for a high-performance coating that offers exceptional temperature, chemical, friction, and abrasion resistance—as well as lubrication—our fluoropolymer and dry film lubricant coatings are often the perfect solutions. These coatings are valuable for the food and medical industries thanks to FDA approval for body contact. Electronics can also benefit from the high heat resistance and electrical insulation properties. Applicable as both a liquid spray and a powder coating, this is an ideal product for a wide variety of applications.

Plastisol Powder Coating

If you need a thicker layer of protection for more intensive use, our plastisol powder coatings are tough, durable, and offer superior corrosion resistance. Plastisol dipping provides a soft, color-matched finish over a variety of metal substrates and is ideal for a variety of applications. Plastisol protective coatings are impact, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant. These properties make PCTM and PVC plastisol coatings perfect for agricultural, architectural, automotive, and even defense industry uses.

The Benefits of Powder Coating Services in Industrial Processes

Industrial powder coating services involve spraying a powder onto a metal surface. This powder clings due to an electrostatic charge and is baked for a permanent hold. This powder coating can come in a number of chemical formulations to apply for more specific and unique benefits, but across all powder coatings, there are some base-level benefits:

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Powder coatings prevent the worst of wear and tear from taking its toll on your equipment. From thicker plastisol to thinner electrostatic coatings, the resulting baked-on coatings will keep your most delicate of equipment from failing due to corrosion and abrasion.

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Because your tools and equipment will be safer from the ravages of time, they will last far longer before needing to be replaced. You will have fewer replacements to make, more comfort with your favorite tools, and less maintenance to do at work.

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Cost Efficiency

The savings and cost efficiency of this service is a huge benefit to your business. Think of how often you need to rethink your budget because of equipment breakdown or tool failure that forces replacement. A coat of baked-on protective powder can be cheaper than new equipment.

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For those who prioritize the environment, our powder coating process doesn’t involve harsh chemicals to ensure the coating sticks, just heat. Additionally, the longer lifetime of tools and equipment means fewer replacement parts and delivery time – a trickle-down environmental savings.

Choose the Best Powder Coating from
Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing!

Not sure which process or coating is best for your project? Don’t hesitate to call us and get the best possible match for your needs! From simple customization and coloring to specific food and safety regulations, our industrial coating services will provide high-quality tools matching your expertise.

If you have any more questions or concerns about what a high-quality coating could do for your production process, contact the experts in industrial powder coating and specialty coatings at Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing. We offer industrial coating in PA, the Mid-Atlantic, Southern New England, and the Midwest. Our experts are always excited to learn more about your business and cater to your unique applications.

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