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The Best Industrial Powder Coating for Extreme Temperatures

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Does your project call for an engineered coating solution that can withstand high heat? It’s true that many applications in the rail, aerospace, medical, and food processing industries, among others, require resistance to temperatures higher than 500-600°F.

Luckily, there are several excellent options available, and many that we use on a regular basis with our current customers here at Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing.

Whether you’re looking for a dry film lubricant or electrostatic high-heat powder coating, we can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the best coatings for maximum temperature resistance.

Dry film lubricants

Sometimes also called “dry lubes” or “solid film lubes,” many popular dry film lubricants are ideal for high (greater than 500°F) or extreme (greater than 1,200°F) heat applications in which friction reduction is a priority and greases or oils cannot be used.

Technically speaking, dry film lubricants, once properly applied, form a solid material barrier bonded to the surface of a substrate. In other words, many can be thought of as “slippery paint” for your industrial parts, tools, and product components.

The most popular dry film lubricants in use today are molybdenum disulfide, graphite, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which feature different levels of thermal suitability. You will often find these materials called by specific brand or trade names, as different manufacturers have created their own formulations. SermaLube®, Sandstorm, and ALSEAL are a few examples of these names.

Molybdenum sulfide (MoS2)

This material is found in coatings like Sandstorm 9A and is known to provide excellent protection in certain moisture-free environments where temperatures reach about 750°F or greater.


Graphite provides one of the highest temperature resistances, offering excellent performance at temperatures in excess of 1,200°F. ALSEAL 360 is an example of a graphite-blend dry film lubricant.


Primarily a metal coating, as we’ve previously discussed here on the blog, PTFE performs well in temperatures up to between 500 and 600°F, which makes it a great for one of its primary uses as a cookware coating. PTFE does begin to melt as temperatures reach 620°F, though, so it is not ideal in the most extreme high-temperature environments.

Each of these coatings has a variety of advantages beyond heat resistance, though not all will be suitable for every application. Selection of the coating that’s right for your particular application and project needs will depend upon a variety of factors, including operating environment and even desired aesthetics.

Working with an experienced engineered coatings partner is the surest way to guarantee the best results.

Electrostatic high-heat powder coating

Powder coating is one of the most popular finishing processes available for a large array of products across countless industries. However, many of our prospective customers do not realize that some electrostatic materials are now available that resist temperatures in excess of 600°F.

High-heat powder coatings provide the same appearance and performance as more typical electrostatic powder coatings, but they feature the added benefit of heat resistance. It’s true that the product lines for high-heat powder coating materials used to be somewhat limited, but thanks to continuing technological advances, manufacturers like Forrest Technical Coatings now offer an extensive lineup of options. Here at Precision Coating, we stay up-to-date with product offerings as new ones are developed so we can always bring the latest and greatest to our valued customers.

Expertly applied coatings

The best industrial coatings for your extreme (and non-extreme) temperature application needs are those that are professionally and masterfully applied. Our unique 5-stage pre-treatment process and state of the art equipment allows our skilled powder coating experts to achieve perfect results every time. And that means a better finished product for our customers.

Have a project that requires powder coating or dry film lubricants for extreme temperature resistance? Get in touch today and find out how Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing can help you engineer a better result.

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