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6 Advantages of Using Plastisol for Electronics

Various electronic items such as a keyboard, tablet, camera, wires, and headphones.

If you manufacture electronics, you know one of the challenges you have is how to protect the delicate and often small components of your products. As more items become electronic—from the locks on your home to the key to start your car—electronic manufacturers will continue to face these challenges, especially as devices get smaller. Many businesses like yours turn to coatings for these devices, such as metal, plastic, rubber, or composite coatings. Yet, there is one clear winner here: plastic.

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What is Vinyl Dip Coating, and What Items May Benefit from It?

An open dishwasher with the bottom rack pulled out.

Tool handles, automotive parts, picnic benches, and deep-fryer baskets made from metal have a sturdy structure. That structure is necessary for all of these tools to manage the demands of jobs across industries. However, the environments in which we use these parts can wear down the metal, leading to a structural decomposition over time. Even the acids on the human hand can erode metal tools, and any metal object exposed to the elements will almost certainly develop rust.

That’s why product designers and OEMs turn to vinyl dip coating to protect metal objects. Precision Coating Technology and Manufacturing (PCTM) uses plastisol powder for our vinyl dip coatings, providing a strong, even finish that can be customized to a unique color. This type of powder coating provides a soft yet durable outer layer that protects against corrosion, oxidation, and abrasion.

Learn more in today’s blog post about vinyl coating and how it can benefit your project. Then, contact our team for a quote on your next vinyl plastisol dip-coating project!

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The Top Plastisol Coating Benefits

coated pliers

While plastisol may be most commonly encountered as a textile ink on t-shirts and other clothing items, its use as a metal coating is much more wide-ranging and significant. Here at Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing (PCTM), we provide plastisol coatings for clients in an amazingly diverse array of industries, from railway manufacturing through military defense.

Indeed, plastisol’s soft, color-matched finish and superior resistance to corrosion make it just as valuable as a protective finish on the racks inside your dishwasher as for military vehicle hardware on the battlefield overseas.

Today’s post offers a closer look at this unique material, its advantages, and how we apply it to guarantee years of durable performance.

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