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6 Advantages of Using Plastisol for Electronics

Various electronic items such as a keyboard, tablet, camera, wires, and headphones.

If you manufacture electronics, you know one of the challenges you have is how to protect the delicate and often small components of your products. As more items become electronic—from the locks on your home to the key to start your car—electronic manufacturers will continue to face these challenges, especially as devices get smaller. Many businesses like yours turn to coatings for these devices, such as metal, plastic, rubber, or composite coatings. Yet, there is one clear winner here: plastic.

Using plastic, such as plastisol, for electronics feature several distinct advantages you can’t get from other types of coatings. Not only can it resist the elements and cover a host of unique shapes and designs, but it also doesn’t conduct heat and is an excellent insulator. As experts in plastisol dip coating, we at Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing can help ensure your electronic components get the plastisol coating they need to perform beyond expectation.

1. Water and Corrosion Resistance

Suppose the electronic item you’re making has any chance of being in contact with water, such as rain, snow, humidity, ice, or bodies of water. In that case, you want a coating solution that is water resistant. Plastisol delivers in this category exceptionally well because it’s made from a unique combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

PVC is a popular material for commercial roofing because of its ability to create a watertight seal. Consequently, you can rest assured that your electronic item can resist water damage when coated with plastisol.

Additionally, plastisol for electronics is an excellent choice because it’s also resistant to corrosion. If an electric component rusts, it risks shorting out and possibly causing damage to the item and user. However, a plastisol-based electronic component will resist corrosion, ensuring a much safer product for your consumers.

2. Design Flexibility

Another benefit to plastisol-based electronic components is that plastisol can cover various shapes and sizes. With the ability to dip the coating, the coating custom forms for each object. Therefore, it has valuable design flexibility, allowing you to create your electronic item in any size or shape that you need because our plastisol can cover it. You won’t be able to get that sort of customization with other coatings.

3. Electrical Component Insulation

One of the best advantages of using plastisol for electronics is its great insulation abilities. This material doesn’t conduct electricity, lowering the risk of a consumer being electrocuted by your product. It’s perfect to surround wiring, sheathing, and connectors because its high dielectric strength makes it an excellent insulator. It’s already used extensively in electrical applications for these reasons.

4. Low Risk of Fire

Anytime you have an object connected to electricity, there is a chance of it overheating and causing an electrical fire. However, if the item is coated in plastisol coating, it doesn’t conduct heat very well and is flame-retardant. That means that your item benefits from having an added safety feature.

Rubber coatings can’t make this same claim. While rubber doesn’t ignite easily, when it does, it spreads quickly and becomes extremely hot. So don’t risk using rubber on your electronics items, and instead, choose plastisol from Precision Coating!

5. Impact Resistance

The smaller electronic items get, the higher likelihood of a user dropping them. Without proper protection around your electronics, those drops could damage them. Ask any cell phone user who dropped their phone without a case!

However, if your item or components of your item are surrounded by soft-to-the-touch plastisol, it helps create impact resistance to protect the inner workings of your device. Therefore, your device has the longevity that your customers will appreciate.

6. Cost Effective and Lightweight

Lastly, plastisol coatings for electronics are cost-effective and lightweight. When you work with a coating service provider like us here at PCTM, we can make the process as painless and cost-effective as possible. Whether you have 1,000 components or one million, our team can plastisol dip your electronic items for a competitive price.

In addition, the plastisol coating is lightweight, so it won’t add much extra weight to packages when you’re shipping your product. This benefit means you save money on your shipping and handling costs, saving you money compared to other, heavier coatings.

Interested in Using Plastisol for Electronics? Request a Quote!

These six benefits of using plastisol for electronics are just the beginning. There are many other reasons to choose this coating, but only one coating manufacturer to choose from: Precision Coating! We serve clients in Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic, Southern New England, and the Midwest. We even offer pick-up and delivery services to select clients within a 50-mile radius of our facility!

For over 34 years, we’ve perfected plastisol dip coating and can do so quickly and cost-effectively on our powder coating line. We have the equipment and experience to give you the plastisol-based electronic component your product needs to resist corrosion, provide electrical insulation, and resist cracking and chipping from falls. Get in touch with us today to request a quote for your project!

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