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What Happens Inside a Powder Coating Shop?

A person powder coats a metal object.

Have you ever wondered what happens inside a powder coating shop? What is the process involved in creating a perfectly powder-coated surface? And how can powder coating help you to create or enhance the look and function of your equipment, products, or projects? In this blog post, we will explore the process of powder coating, the different types of projects that can be powder coated, and the benefits of using this service for your equipment or project.

Whether you want to become a powder coating professional or aim for better protection against rust for the equipment you manufacture, learning more about this durable coating system can help you feel confident in your choice. Learn more about what happens at our shop and how we can help you.

What Is Powder Coating?

Tubes of pink, gold, and royal blue dry powder spill on a table.

Powder coating is a type of protective coating used on metal surfaces to protect them from weathering and corrosion. It involves applying a dry powder on metal equipment using an electrostatic charge, dry film lubricant, fluid bed dip coating, or plastisol coating. The items are cured in an extremely hot oven to harden into a protective layer.

It provides protection against wear and tear and gives products an attractive finish that adds value to the product itself. The advantages of using this method over traditional paint include superior durability and resistance to scratches and rust. Additionally, certain types of powder coating provide improved color stability due to its UV resistance.

Could I Paint My Objects Instead?

Paint is a traditional option when you want to protect fabricated items and metal tools from rust. However, it has its various limitations and doesn’t last long. Owners of the objects will find themselves reapplying paint each year, plus the laborious job of removing rust.

Powder coating is a better choice. It protects against rust and doesn’t easily fade over time like paint. It’s also water-resistant and flame-retardant. Certain types of powder coating can even provide electrical insulation and impact resistance. These benefits and more are some of the reasons why people turn to powder coating instead of paint.

What Is the Powder Coating Process?

Our primary responsibility in a powder coating shop is, well, powder coating! A professional powder coating expert oversees the entire process and involves the following stages:

1. Pre-treatment Stage

The first step in any successful powder coating job is pre-treatment. This step involves cleaning the surface to remove dirt and oils that could interfere with the adhesion of the dry powder. Failing to clean them well will affect the powder adhesion, impacting the final finish.

The professionals at the powder coating shop will clean, rinse, blast, and dry the surfaces using various equipment. We use neutral alkaline and detergents when the surfaces are greasy, oily, or have some solvent on them. Masking also occurs in this stage when you want some areas to remain uncoated.

After thoroughly washing and drying the parts quickly, they undergo an iron phosphate coating and rinse. This step is necessary to improve the bonding of the powder and improve scratch and corrosion resistance. A sealant is then applied, and the part is dried.

2. Application Stage

With the surface prepared, the next step is to start the coating process. This step involves applying an even layer of powder coat onto the surface. Our professionals use one of our four options to accomplish this task:

  1. Fluid Bed Dip Coating–The item is heated and then dipped into a powder bath, where melted particles fuse to the item.
  2. Electrostatic Spray Coating–Using an electrostatic spray gun, spray booth, feeder, filters, and power, positively charged powder particles are sprayed onto negatively charged metal items.
  3. PTFE Coating–This application is applied as either a liquid spray or a powder coating, creating a versatile protective coating.
  4. Plastisol Powder Coating–The metallic item is dipped into a bath of liquid vinyl to create a durable finish.

Regardless of your application process, you can select the color you want for your object. You can even choose two different colors for the same item by masking. Masking involves covering areas you want to coat with a different color powder before beginning the application process.

3. Curing Stage

After application, the piece must be cured in an oven that uses heat to activate the powders’ resins to bond together and form a solid protective layer on top of the product. Our professional powder coating experts place the coated metal parts in an oven at a high temperature, which can be greater than 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The curing time depends on the size of the coating material. Smaller parts take less time than larger ones.

4. Inspection and Packaging Stage

Our professionals must inspect the metal finishes properly when the coating and curing process is complete. The goal is to ensure that the coated material meets the required quality and standards. If the team notes some defects or errors, the part may have to go through the application and curing process again. Once the parts are perfect, and of the right quality, they are ready for delivery to the client.

Different Types of Projects That Can Be Powder Coated

Various metal parts coated with powder coating.

Many different projects can be given new life through professional quality powder coating services. Some of the most common projects we see are:

The Benefits Of Using Professional Powder Coating Services

Our powder coating shop is proud to provide the many benefits of powder coating to people all over Pennsylvania and beyond! Some of these benefits include:

  • Protecting metal surfaces from degrading
  • Attractive, aesthetic metal finishes
  • More economical and durable than other coating options
  • Faster to apply than paint
  • Corrosion and water resistance

Turn to Our Powder Coating Shop Today!

Whether you need your automotive parts refinished or want to give your outdoor furniture some extra protection from weathering, Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing has you covered! With our variety of color selections available for your project or equipment needs, you can rest assured knowing that your item will receive both superior results in terms of durability and aesthetics compared with traditional painting techniques.

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