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What Coating Offers the Best Marine Corrosion Protection for New Steel?

A steel ship travels through the water.

There is no doubt that steel is a superior product for marine applications. It’s relatively low cost, extremely strong, and an easy substrate to fabricate into specific designs. Yet, its drawback is that when exposed to the harsh conditions of saltwater, the material begins to rust, jeopardizing the integrity of the ship or other marine apparatus.

That’s why manufacturers who make steel products for the water need appropriate marine corrosion protection to keep the inherent durability properties of the substrate intact. Four popular anti-corrosion options include cathodic protection, painting the surface, galvanizing the steel, and powder coating the product. Each comes with advantages, but there is one clear winner: fluid bed powder coating.

Here at Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing, we have been helping product designers and manufacturers for over 30 years get the powder coating protection they need to create long-lasting, durable products that are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and wear. Learn more about why powder coating is the best option and how we can help protect your ships, boats, brigades, pontoons, and other water apparatuses from marine corrosion.

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Protective Industrial Powder Coatings in the Defense Industry

coating application shown on military tank

According to experts, corrosion of materials, globally and across industries, costs about $2.5 trillion annually. It’s believed that about 15%-35% of this cost could be saved with better corrosion management practices, such as applying protective coatings to vulnerable parts and equipment.

Through the years, our United States military has been at the forefront of instituting corrosion management practices to save costs, but also to save lives. The defense industry deeply understands how these protective coatings can help better defend our country. They have field-tested weaponry and machinery with various coatings in the world’s harshest climates (think the deserts of the Middle East and the jungles of Southeast Asia), and it’s safe to say that only the strong survive.

So, what are some of those preferred coatings in the defense industry today, and what can they do to protect our metallic materials prone to corrosion (and, by extension, our country’s security)? We’re taking a closer look at two smart options for protective coatings in defense industry applications that Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing (PCTM) can provide: plastisol and Xylan.

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