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Powder Coating Services that Solve Your Production Challenges

"A craftsman is only as good as his tools" doesn't mean you must get new equipment every year. It means you take the time and effort, like powder coating them, to care for your tools to get the most out of them. Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing Inc. has provided powder coating services to artisans and industrial operations for over 30 years.

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Experience Powder Coating That Can Enhance Your Business

If your equipment is breaking down due to rust, or wet-paint jobs are becoming too costly for your business, you need the one-of-a-kind powder coating services we provide at Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing (PCTM).

Countless other businesses have seen production challenges just like yours, and we have helped them solve their issues with our high-end, quality finishes for metal parts. From food safety concerns to weather-resistance needs, our powder coatings will meet your needs and give you an easier workday.

With over 30 years of experience, you can depend on the metal finishing solutions PCTM provides due to our commitment to solving your unique production issues. We serve a variety of industries, including:

spraying product as it enters oven

We have several powder coatings available, each with its own unique applications and benefits. Our operation serves to improve, customize, and tailor industrial and professional equipment to your job needs. So, your operation can see notable enhancements and improvements after using powder-coated equipment.

Getting a Quality Powder Coat Finish on Your Metal Parts Has Never Been Faster

Coating services can take time to do correctly, so we have developed and streamlined our process to provide the fastest and most efficient service possible. Our three-step process provides you with a quick and detailed explanation of how we approach, address, and exceed your needs and demands.

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Tell Us About Your Production Challenge

We understand how frustrating it is to face common production challenges, like a part breakdown in high-wear applications and costly painting services. These delays and expenses add up quickly.

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We'll Find a Custom Powder Coating Solution

Our team will work with you to find a cost-effective powder coating solution that saves you time and money. We will take care of your pieces as if they were our own, while providing a durable and wear-resistant finish.

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Enjoy A Boost to Your Production Efficiency

From single pieces to thousands of parts, our powder coating services will solve your common challenges and give you that much-needed productivity boost for your business.

For bulk and industrial-scale orders, we use powder coating line, which employs an automated conveyor system to move parts through a multi-step process. This powder coating line is a simplified but comprehensive five-step system:

1. Remove scale   2. Apply foundational layer   3. Add sealant   4. Powder coat   5. Oven cure.

This process ensures a consistent and even outcome for all of your parts, no matter what size or shape the parts you need.

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Why Choose Precision Coating for Your Commercial Powder Coating Services?

Here at PCTM, we employ an entire staff of technicians and operators specifically trained in their respective fields. We maintain a comprehensive knowledge base of the materials, processes, equipment, powder coating manufacturers, and suppliers who serve the industrial powder coatings industry.

We can evaluate all of the variables in a given situation and then help our customers select the right combination of processes and powder coating solutions. You don't just receive a service. You get access to our decades of combined knowledge.

For greater efficiency, we even offer powder coating line services that allow us to handle a single piece or even thousands of parts at a time. It's great for small brackets, parts, stamped metal frames, and a host of other industrial components. For your jobs, big and small, call us and get started with a quote today.

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Our Most Popular Industrial Protective Coatings

You can choose various industrial powder coating solutions and specialty coating services to meet your needs. If you don't see the service you want, just ask! We love taking on unique challenges and providing customized solutions for our customers.

Fluid Bed Coating

Fluid bed coatings provide a thicker, more durable finish than traditional powder coating, delivering a layer that covers surface blemishes and improves wear resistance. You can also add a custom color to the finish to match your brand.


PTFE Coating

Otherwise known as a fluoropolymer coating or even dry film lubricant coating, a PTFE coating can be applied as a spray or as a powder coating. You'll get superior resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, friction, and abrasion.


Plastisol Powder Coating

Plastisol (PVC) powder coating provides a soft-to-the-touch color-matched thick finish over various metal substrates. It is available in multiple finishes, from smooth glossy to a rough texture, and allows for various hardness levels.


Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating

An electrostatic spray powder coating delivers a 'thin film' powder coating based on various material formulations, including polyesters, hybrids, acrylics, nylon, and vinyl. Each of the formulations has unique film properties for multiple applications.


Why Use Our Powder Coating Services?

Precision Coating Truck

If you want to protect or customize your equipment, powder coating is one of the most efficient and effective methods around. Powder coating production provides several advantages for customers:

  1. You can select a color scheme to match your brand or just make your product stand out.
  2. You get superior protection for metal products to help prevent corrosion and allow your parts and products to endure heat, moisture, and other weather conditions.
  3. You can increase the strength of a metal surface to make it more durable.

These are not the only benefits provided by our powder coating services. Learn more about the advantages of powder coating here.

Looking For a Powder Coating Service You Don't See on Our Site?

Tim, our founder, created this business by searching for one-of-a-kind industrial coating projects that nobody else was performing in the area. This desire allowed him to carve out a unique and much-needed niche for us. We take pride in specializing in coating solutions for these types of unique jobs. When you need to get the most out of your equipment, choose a flexible, creative, and knowledgeable powder coating service company like PCTM!