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Advantages of Powder Coating Your Agricultural Equipment

Farm equipment coated for protection with powder coating

The paint on your farm equipment may seem like something you don’t need to worry about maintaining, but it should be. The current paint on your farm equipment may already be weathered or chipping, and this can lead to rust and equipment malfunction. If your farm equipment doesn’t already have a powder coating, read on to find out how you can increase the longevity of your farm equipment. 

Powder coating your farm equipment will create a better, longer-lasting barrier than traditional wet paint solutions. Don’t spend time worrying about your equipment breaking down due to rust from a bad or weathered paint job—get it powder coated today!

It’s Cheaper to Apply

Traditional wet paint options require primers, multiple coats of paint, and a clear topcoat, but a powder coating paint job often only requires one coating. This single coating takes less time to cure and will have your equipment ready for use quickly.

Since a powder coating often only requires one coat and has a quicker turnaround time, you save money on materials, labor, and downtime. Powder coating typically lasts longer than traditional wet paint and will save you money in the end with fewer paint jobs.

Longer Lasting than Paint

During the coating process, a strong thermal bond forms between the powder coating and the metal surface of your farm equipment. This durable protective layer acts as a barrier between your farm equipment and the outside elements. Powder coating is more flexible than traditional wet paint, too, and limits the chances for mistakes by only requiring one coat.

Powder coating chips less and weathers better than traditional wet paint. With proper maintenance, a powder coat can lessen the chance of rust forming, and increase the longevity of your farm equipment.

Greater Durability

The application and curing process of powder coating creates a sturdier finish than traditional wet paint. Unlike wet paint, a powder coat has a more uniform coverage and vibrant coloration because it cannot drip during the coating process and cause blemishes or weak spots.

This stronger finish and greater durability of a powder coat will protect your farm equipment longer than traditional wet paint. You will have less chipping, if any, and won’t need to have your equipment painted as often.

Able to Achieve a Better Finish Depending on Equipment Needs

Powder coating is more durable than—and often twice as thick as—traditional wet paint. The extra durability and thickness of a powder coat give more flexibility to moving parts by not being hindered by the paint job.

This greater flexibility allows your farm equipment to move the way it needs to without you having to worry about chipping paint. Your farm equipment will be protected for longer and function the way you need it to.

Find Out How We Can Help Protect Your Equipment

Precision Coating has a variety of options when it comes to protecting your farm equipment, so contact us today to discuss your current farm equipment paint. See how we can upgrade your farm equipment’s protective paint layer to last longer than ever before. Precision Coating is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in powder coating technology. We commit ourselves to providing you with the best engineering and technical assistance to create an environment you trust and want to come back to. Our current services reach clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southern New England.

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