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PTFE Coatings Provide a High Performance Powder Coating Solution

Also Known as Fluoropolymer, Xylan, or PTFE Coating

When looking for a high-performance coating that offers exceptional temperature, chemical, friction, and abrasion resistance—as well as lubrication—our fluoropolymer and dry film lubricant coatings are often the perfect solution.

A fluoropolymer coating application is a generic term for Xylan or PTFE coating services.  Fluoropolymer coating can be applied as a liquid spray or as a powder coating.  Dry film lubricant coatings typically consist of graphite, Molybdenum disulfide, inorganic aluminum silicate, and ceramic metallic compounds.  These are usually applied as liquids and can be sprayed or brushed.

Fluoropolymer coating is useful in a wide variety of applications including:

dental instruments

Medical Applications

PTFE coating services are perfect in medical applications since they are resistant to the fluids in the human body and are FDA approved for use on items that come in contact with the human body.  It is the perfect coating for medical instruments that are used to perform a variety of diagnostic or exploratory tests.

high precision CNC laser cutting metal sheet

High Tech Tools

PTFE coatings are perfect for tools that require extreme temperature and chemical resistance because they are applied in a thin, paint-like layer. This fluoropolymer coating is also corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for tools that will be used in a variety of environmental conditions.

non-stick muffin tin

Non-stick Cookware

Non-stick coatings that have high heat resistance are crucial in the cookware industry. This industry has long used fluoropolymer coating to coat pans and bakeware enabling food to slide off easily and resist high temperatures. Teflon coating is a commonly used fluoropolymer coating in the cookware industry, because Teflon industrial coatings work for a variety of cookware applications.

frozen red raspberries in sorting and processing machines

Food Processing Plants

Since fluoropolymer coating (also referred to as Xylan coating or PTFE coating) is an FDA food grade compliant coating, it is particularly useful in food processing plants to coat food chutes, tubing and other parts.

coated auto parts

Fasteners and Machined Surfaces

Dry film lubricant coatings are well adapted for use in applications that have tight tolerances but also require corrosion protection and/or lubricity.  This typically includes fasteners and machined surfaces that are fixed together.  There are many proprietary formulations available that have been tailored to suit very demanding end-use applications for a wide variety of industrial needs including the aircraft industry, automotive and diesel truck industry, oil well industry, and high pressure/temperature hydraulic industry.

Precision Coating has the equipment and expertise to apply PTFE coatings including fluoropolymer, Xylan, and Teflon in a variety of thicknesses to meet the specifications for your particular application. To find out more about our fluoropolymer coating process contact us for more information.

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