Our History

Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing, Inc. (PCTM) is a leading finishing provider of powder, industrial, functional, and custom coatings. Precision Coating’s one-of-a-kind, engineered solutions approach has made them the go-to finishing provider for companies looking to solve difficult production challenges.

The company has a proven track record of helping product designers, engineers, and OEMs boost production efficiency and manage costs, and even prevent expensive product re-designs.

Precision Coating offers a range of specialty finishes including traditional electrostatic spray powder coating, using both the batch oven technique and continuous conveyor line operation, PTFE and other Fluropolymer coatings, and powder coatings using the fluidized bed technique. Precision Coating also applies liquid dip Plastisol coatings.

Companies with high-tolerance, corrosion-resistant needs also choose Precision Coating because of the company’s expertise with dry film lubricants in rail, aerospace, medical and other complex applications.

Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing was founded in 1988 by Tim Kissling and began in a 3000 sq ft facility just outside of Reinholds, PA. Prior to founding PCTM, Tim worked in the powder coating industry in various different capacities including sales and marketing for over 15 years. Tim founded Precision Coating with the goal of creating a company that focused on the relationship between functional performance; coating formulation/selection; and feasible, cost-effective application.

By 1998 the operation had expanded and needed to be moved to a larger facility in Ephrata, PA; eventually occupying more than 16,000 sq ft in that facility. Then in 2008 PCTM found a permanent home and purchased a 48,000 sq ft building on 3½ acres in Denver PA and after completely renovating the facility, moved the operation there a year and a half later in 2009. In March of 2012, PCTM purchased J & M Custom Powder Coating from Honey Brook PA and moved the operation to their facility in Denver; thus giving its customers the added benefit of being able to offer them the efficiency of a continuous conveyor line with a 5 stage pretreatment system.

"We make sure
the process is a functional as the coating."
Tim Kissling, President/Founder

Today, PCTM is a family run business in every sense of the word. While Tim serves as President of the company, his son Christopher serves as Vice President of Operations. His daughter, Patricia oversees the office and his wife Marjorie is the secretary and bookkeeper. Several of the employees who started with the business in its infancy in Reinholds PA, still continue to serve in various capacities to this day; thus adding to the family. PCTM also employs a complete staff of technicians and operators, each specially trained in their respective field of endeavour.

At PCTM, our primary goal is to help our customers find the best solution to their problems. We are all about engineering, technical assistance and good old fashioned hard work. Our value added to our customers and motto that we use is that we offer "Engineered Coating Solutions that keep our customers coming back".

We service clients throughout the Mid Atlantic Region as well as Southern New England. We also offer pick up and delivery service to selected clients within a 50 mile radius of our facility.

To find out more about PCTM or to discuss your unique specific coating project, contact us today!